Privileged to take care of your car

Our mission is to secure the future of Rileys by giving our customers and their cars what they need. As a service, restoration, parts supplier, and rally preparation specialist, we take pride in the variety and reliability of our work – and the friendships we build whilst doing it.

With access to a test track and special events at our Bicester Heritage base, our customers become part of the community that makes this hub of historic motoring that we call home, thrive. Established in 1974, our reputation, location and dedication to the marque is what makes Blue Diamond Riley Services the UK’s leading Riley specialist. Our race preparation workshop which incorporates Keith Pointing Vintage Motor Engineers is based in Southend within easy reach of London and UK ports for our overseas customers.

Whether you are new to old cars, or a seasoned enthusiast, our workshop doors are open to everyone with a shared passion for Restoring, Reviving and Rediscovering Rileys. We look forward to the privilege of looking after you, and your car.


Rekindling the magic of the marque

Our workshop is where we do what we know and love. Some of the most historically significant examples of the Riley marque have been restored under our roof, but to us, every project is as special as the next. Whether it is restoration, service, repair or rally preparation that your Riley requires, it’s in safe and capable hands at Blue Diamond Riley Services.


New and second-hand parts for your Riley

It is inevitable that when working with cars designed and built over 80 years ago, some components cannot be repaired or restored and may need replacing. We offer an extensive range of parts for all Riley models from 1927 to 1939. Over the years, we have worked with specialist manufacturers to reproduce parts that are no longer available, so if we cannot source the part required to keep your Riley on the road, we will call upon their expertise to make it.


Race and rally event experts

Real winners prepare their cars properly, and our knowledge is based on first-hand experience. With a track record of trouble-free eventing, we take part in a variety of races and rallies across the globe so that we know exactly what a Riley needs to get it ready for a challenge. If you have an event in mind, let us help you make it happen.