2016 Scottish Riley Enthusiasts National Rally

The 2016 SRE National Rally was to be held in Kinguissie, Nr Aviemore. This was a part of the country that Gordon Mac and I were very familiar with as we had briefly passed very close by on our Monte jaunt earlier in the year!

The logistics involved with taking a customers Imp, our own WD and a supporting van meant that for once the WD was trailered to an event. Although the 9,000 plus miles covered since January meant that I was comfortable that the car had proved it’s worth.

The journey north was un-eventful, albeit a wet one for the drivers of the Imp and WD. However the rain clouds had broken when we arrived at the hotel and the car park was also a sight to behold. Rileys of every age, model and specification, be they pre or post war.

The beauty of the SRE annual event is that little attention is givent to the type of Riley you arrive in, it is more about sharing the love and experience of the marque.

In the picture on the left the two drivers contemplate the merits of each other’s waterproof clothing. I was drowned just taking the picture!

However I would have much preffered to be in a proper car for the weekend!

As previously mentioned, the SRE team pride themselves on the all inclusive’ nature of their national. Mr Lomas senior was even welcomed in his MG, he did want to stress to all that he did also have a ‘proper’ car in his motorhouse!

We were all pleased and honoured to have Victor Riley as the guest of honour. Victor told several Riley stories at the evening meal and these were well received by all.

Having waved us off at Paisley Abbey I felt it was only right for Victor to have a ride in our trusty WD Tourer. David Robb from the local area was delighted to act as the driver and the smile of Victor’s face tells his reaction to his short trip as a passenger.

Finally the team and I were very pleased that our customers Imp was awarded the ‘Falkland Trophy’ for the best pre-war Riley. All the more special as this award was voted for by the entrants of the rally.