Bicester Heritage Sunday Scramble

Following an excellent day of sunshine and racing at the VSCC Spring Start Meeting at Silverstone the team and I headed off to Bicester Heritage.

This was to attend the ever popular Sunday scramble, the event had taken on a bigger significance for Blue Diamond as a lease on a new service workshop had been signed two days previously.

We were all looking forward to both seeing our first scramble and also talking about BD to old and new customers alike.

The day started early in order to set up in our new unit, light showers were the order of the day as the sun from Silverstone appeared to have deserted us!

As such the decision was taken to put our two display cars, our ever present WD and my dad’s Imp inside the unit.

The BD Riley’s were being supported by two of the Bicester Heritage teams Rileys. Namely the famous Penguin special and the ex Lady Mary Grosvenor Sprite ‘EMB’

No sooner had I set up the cars and the display the sun appeared and the clouds were blown away!

As such the cars were hastily moved to allow the Imp to be outside on the drive and the WD to have pride of place in the door way.

Both cars were of interest to vintage and classic owners alike and I spent a large portion of the day talking about the design of the Imp and the endurance prowess of the WD.

BD’s attendance at the Scramble was a family affair, as well as Ian and Dan I was joined by Helen and Natasha and my mum and dad.

Tasha was especially keen to help out and wrote a sign to encourage people to sit in ‘her WD‘! Gordon’s navigator seat may well be under siege….

As we were still borrowing AKV, my dad travelled down in our 1975 MG B GT V8, it was great to hear that familiar Rover V8 burble and also to see he had placed a suitable sign in the window.

Helen, Natasha and I were very pleased and proud to welcome local Riley owners who all turned up on the day and were able to park outside our new workshop. Once the fit out is complete and the site open, we are looking forward to be able to provide a cuppa as well as a parking space!

Finally after all the crowds (over 3,000 people attended the scramble) had departed I was able to take the girls for a spin around the airfield at Bicester. Tasha made a great novice navigator and Hels thouroughly enjoyed her first ever drive of a pre war car.

She mastered the art of a double de-clutch down change with ease, maybe my drivers seat in the WD is also under siege!