The Monte Carlo Historique 2016

It is some 83 years since Rupert Riley first entered the Monte in a Riley 9 War Department or ‘WD’ Tourer. In order to mark this event, and to see if man and machine could once again overcome the trials and tribulations of a long distance endurance rally I decided to give myself and the BD team a challenge. Could we complete the 1,000 plus miles that the modern day event would throw up?

Similarly, could a car purchased in an auction after a long lay-up be fully prepared by our equivalent of the ‘works’ and complete the event?

The large daily distances, high altitudes and steep gradients would challenge the car, but the cold, wet and potentially snowy weather would challenge the driver and navigator just as much.

Due to the rather unique nature of the event it was decided at an early stage that a suitable copywriter would come with the team so that a decent record of our attempt could be made. To this effect my co-driver will be the editor of the Scottish Riley Enthusiasts monthly newsletter – Gordon McAllan.

The mileages involved and the lack of space for clothing and spares have meant that we simply need a support vehicle, again this gives the best possible chance of making the finish line!

The support vehicle will be driven by the BD operations manager Ian Macfarlane and he will be ably supported by Duncan Whyte.  The BD support van will also be carrying spares for the other Riley competitor James Slevin who has entered in an RMA.

During the coming weeks this page will be updated with details on the WD, the team, the preparation we are undertaking and historical details on the event itself.

You will be able to follow the teams progress live from a tracking app that will be on the main webpage, you can also sign up to receive updates here.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy following our progress.


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