Established pre-war Riley experts, Blue Diamond Services, take first in class and fourth place overall at the 2023 Flying Scotman Rally with their 1936 Riley Sprite. Driver John Lomas and navigator Pete Johnson are fast becoming a dynamic duo with this being their 9th event together.

This year celebrated the 18th Flying Scotsman Rally – Britain’s premier vintage motoring event –a fierce 3-day competition over 750 miles departing from the Firth of Clyde, traveling through the beautiful scenery of Scotland and north England finishing at the legendary Gleneagles Hotel. It’s an event with style attracting tremendous competition from all over the world. Teams from Australia, America and the UK, all united under the banner of vintage motorsport this year.

Speaking about the rally, Blue Diamond Riley Services’ Managing Director John Lomas commented, “A win is only as good as the preparation. It takes months to prepare a vintage car for an event like this and the team stepped up once again. I’m very proud of the team for their hard work, this resulted in our best ever placement on the Scotsman.  This really proves the old phrase, to finish first, first, you have to finish. As with all our rallies, the weather and roads can be a challenge but that’s all part of the fun. We are very much looking forward to next year’s event.”

Blue Diamond is already preparing cars for the 2024 Flying Scotsman which departs from Carden Park. If you are interested in having your pre-war car prepared by Blue Diamond, please get in touch with our workshop.

 More information on the rally and results can be viewed here. Highlight video from the event can be viewed here.

Photo credit: Will Broadhead Photography