A quick change of plans..

A bit of a frantic start to day 2 for us here — as you all know, we were set to be on a ferry in Hull this morning but due to an electrical issue, the ferry was cancelled! So, after a bit of a frantic re-plan, we’re going to end up driving about 530 miles (vs. the planned 230!) and will end up taking the very early morning Channel Tunnel tomorrow. However, we are now hoping to have dinner with a VSCC friend, so there is a benefit to the re-route!

We are very appreciative of the overwhelming support from all of our friends, supporters, Riley aficianados, and car enthusiasts – the outpouring of support has been tremendous and really helpful during the times of panic and stress. It’s a long, cold trek but the continuous support has been really motivating. We really appreciate it all, thank you!

We hope you enjoy some pictures from today – and continue to cheer us on for the next leg of our trip!