Coventry 2016

The Riley Register Coventry rally has long been the largest annual gathering of Riley’s taking place in the UK.

The Saturday is more gentle affair with a gala dinner the main event of the day.

Sunday see’s the main day of the weekend with a Concours and excellent displays of Riley’s following the events annual theme.

For 2016 the team and I were very honoured to be invited to be the guests of honour at the dinner and our WD was to feature in the vehicle line up.

HX was to be joined by both the other WD’s that are known to exisit in the UK. Namely the WD expert’s car in Eric Miller and Jim Tomczyk’s newly restored car.

The team and I arrived on the Saturday to erect the BD Marque and our new display stand.

This had been created to celebrate and showcase our efforts in the 2016 Monte Carlo Historique rally, all 1,561 miles of them!

After a few close consulations with the ‘destructions’ and a couple of cups of tea everything was in place and we were ready for the weekend.

All that remained was for me to polish off my speech, it had been a few years since I last had to ‘sing for my supper’

The dinner was a very intimate and friendly affair, the speakers were made up from the ever enthusiastic Victor Riley, a lady from a company who now inhabit the Old Riley works, myself and Gordon.

Our speeeches were brief and hopefully amusing, well no one fell asleep so they can’t have been that bad!

Sunday brought the concours and the team and I were very pleased for our customer with the Riley Woody estate. His car had won first prize in the Specials Class.

A great moment for all the team who were involved with the car over the last 24 months.

The above pictures show from left to right, Linda and Duncan Whyte who with Ian were in the back up team for the Monte, plus Helen my wife.

Picture number two has my parents with Natasha just before the gala dinner – without their support none of this would be possible.

Picture number three is me with Victor Riley, the living link back to the Riley family.

The fourth picture shows Gordon and Liz MacAllan – the navigator and his boss!

Finally, below we have the three WD’s and Ian’s Lynx sitting in the sun in front of the BD stand.