Day 2 complete!

Day 2 is complete! A much better day than yesterday and we are looking forward to see what the rest of the journey brings.

After a brief nights sleep at the Old Bell Inn, I started the day on BBC Radio Oxford’s breakfast show. We then traveled south for the excellent Passage Control at Banbury – the council and volunteers put on a stunning event.

Dan was featured on BBC Oxford’s TV interview and also with the commentary team.

We departed Banbury, went round the houses for a while as I couldn’t read the map (!) before hitting the M40 and M25 for the run to the Chunnel.

After a few running electrical repairs to the Triumph by Ben, I removed all our bags to extract the oil for a top up on the MG. Not the normal behaviour of passengers on the Chunnel! We then arrived at tonight’s accommodation south of Calais – a stunning chateaux.

Dan and I are ready for a sleep ahead of the long trek south to Dijon/Valence tomorrow.

Thank you for all your support and please continue to follow our progress on the live tracker – your messages really keep us going!

Until tomorrow,

John and Dan