Goodwood – Part 2

Above and below are some of the displays on show at the Revival, these will give you a flavour of the attention to detail I talked about in my last blog.

I am sure that some of the companies must spend most of the year planning their display!

The sights and sounds on display are something one nevers forgets when you visit the revival.

On the left, I am with my good friends Julian Wilton and Terry Crabb, both are the proud owners of ERA’s – possibly the ‘hottest’ and ultimate development of a Riley.

The other three pictures show yours truly in action pushing ERA’s. In the last picture, I am reliably informed that was my moment of TV fame, well who can resist a ‘big’ lad pushing a car!

The Veuve Clicquot tent hosts not only a large champagne bar, but also a ‘Jive’ tent. This was especially popular with the Blue Diamond girls for both aforementioned reasons!

The latter girls complete with their rain protection ‘outfits’ were always surrounded and followed by an entourage of snappers..

Below are some pictures from the BD BBQ, as you can see it was an eclectic mix of petrol powered vehicles that were parked up!

The above pictures show two variations on a petrol theme, namely the ultimate English pre war racing car in an ERA. Then the ultimate pre war English car, the Rolls Royce Silver Ghost on display at the PA Wood stand.

The conversation around it was louder than the running engine. It certainly captured Philip ‘Pip’ White from Bicester Heritage imagination.

Anyway, as ever I hope you have enjoyed this week’s blog.