Meet the BD Monte team: Adam Gompertz and Craig Callum

We are proud to introduce another Blue Diamond Monte team: Adam Gompertz and Craig Callum. This is Adam’s and Craig’s first foray into the world of historic endurance rallying. While Adam’s day job is a Vicar, he is also the driving force behind ‘Revs’ – a monthly meeting for car enthusiasts with a spiritual connection. Craig is the Director of the National Transport Design Centre, a studio aimed at researching and predicting the future of Transport and our relationship with the vehicle. When he isn’t talking about flying cars and autonomous taxis, his real passion is racing and driving vintage cars and motorbikes. His collection spans from a range of vintage BSA Motorbikes and a 1931 Ford Model A hot rod, through to the car that started it all when he learnt to drive, a 1977 Austin Mini. He was once responsible for convincing LEGO to design and include a number of his own cars in a range of products called Speed Champions.

Being the only MG on the Blue Diamond team, they are braced for some serious mikey-taking, but have the usual MG secret weapon of a lightweight construction to allow them to hopefully show a clean pair of heels!

Adam and Craig are riding and raising money for OCD Action, a mental health charity supporting sufferers of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. More details can be found here.


The Car

Adam and Craig will be driving a 1949 MG TC. It might sound familiar as it is the car that John Lomas and Dan Hunter used to complete the event in 2018.  Aside from a minor electrical fire in the snow on the A66, the car finished the event with no issues.