Meet the BD Monte team: Richard and Noel Schneider

We are proud to introduce another Blue Diamond Monte team Richard and Noel Schneider. While the pair are no strangers to vintage car events having competed in the Blue Train Rally and 1,000 Mile Trial in their 15/6 Special, this is their first experience of the Monte in their newly acquired 12/4 Kestrel – possibly the most sensible car for the event! Richard and Noel are renown throughout Europe as being the third worst rally team.  They may not have as much talent or ability as other teams, but they are consistent.


The Car

Richard and Noel will be driving a 1936 12/4 Kestrel. Having acquired the Kestrel 1 sight unseen, they are excited/anxious to see what the 4-cylinder can do.  It is a completely standard saloon with the only modification being the provision of a heater — which will certainly be appreciated during the colder days of the Monte.