Off to the Monte!


After weeks of preparation, it’s time for the Monte. We’re underway and heading to Clydebank for the start of the 2019 ACM Monte-Carlo Classique.

The run from Blue Diamond base in Bicester to Clydebank is around six and a half hours in a modern car on a clear day; if you add into this the age of our vehicles and the lack of protection from the elements (of which we have experienced rain, sleet, snow, snow and, err, more snow!), several comfort breaks are required meaning the journey ended up being about eight hours in total. Did we mention it had been snowing? There were a few niggles along the way, but the skill and tenacity of the Blue Diamond team meant that no time was lost.

The weather on the M6 was more akin to a downpour in the rain forests – without the tropical heat. Torrential rain did nothing to dampen spirits and the team pressed on through Staffordshire, Cheshire, Lancashire and towards Cumbria.

The M6 at Preston in torrential rain

As we approached Lancaster and the spine of the UK, the Pennines, the snow had started to fall quite deeply, it was great to see that the Motorways had been kept clear with a good dose of grit and salt. Climbing into the Howgills we decided to reconvene at the beautiful Tebay Services which overlook Wet Sleddale and lie at the foot of Hardendale, one of the highest points of the UK road network at 1036 feet high. The snow had fallen much harder here as you would expect and several snow ploughs were spotted, we had reports from locals that many roads had been closed in the area, so to have this section clear was a real boon to us.

 We arrived in Clydebank to take part in the welcome dinner and to ready ourselves for the start tomorrow, we look forward to welcoming you to our live streams to keep you in the loop of what happens-- and to be part of the Blue Diamond Riley team.

All the best,