Preparing the MG TC

A number of people have asked about the specifics of our preparation of the MG TC for the Monte, and as such I’ve sat down with the team and written a list- as we all know, there is nothing that a good list can’t fix!

Our MG TC had only had light local use prior to being purchased, the car was sound but clearly required a good check over prior to our Monte adventure.

As such the team and I went through the car checking and replacing or upgrading as follows:

• Partial engine strip down, check and rebuild
• Oil Filter conversion
• Carbs stripped and re-built
• Rolling road tune
• New rear exhaust system fabricated
• Engine mountings replaced
• New thermostat and cooling pipes
• All fuel pipes replaced
• High torque starter motor fitted
• Modern WOSP alternator fitted
• New clutch
• New brakes shoes and linings
• Front wheel bearings replaced and upgraded
• Wheels re-built
• New tyres
• Uprated steering box (VW based)
• Smaller 15” Steering wheel fitted

• Gearbox stripped and checked over
• Spring shackles, bushes checked and replaced where required

• Re-wire – weatherproofed where applicable
• Additional twin driving lamps fitted
• Additional rear lights and reflective marker board added for safety
• Additional internal light fitted to assist with navigation
• USB & Cigarette lighter power sockets added to cockpit
• Brantz trip meter fitted
• Go Pro mount fitted to passenger side pillar
• Uprated BOSCH wiper motor fitted
• Peltor headset Intercom system fitted

• Cabin sealed and draught proofed as best as possible with an open car!
• Seats modified to give more comfort and space
• Passenger footrest added
• Additional spare wheel fitted

• Large quantities of warm clothing purchased
• Two head torches
• Many Pocket hand warmers
• Flasks and ration packs
• Lots of maps
• Romalight C cordless map magnifier

Here are some pictures of our work in progress:

As you can see, there’s been no shortage of work to do!

All the best,