A rather special visit..

Victor Riley with the team

The team and I were very fortunate to have what can only be described as a visit from ‘Riley Royalty‘ on Monday.

This took the shape of Victor Riley himself as he was in the South West for the annual dinner on Sunday and had arranged to pop into the workshops for a tour.

Ian Gladstone picked up Victor in his immaculate 12/4 Kestrel – we had intended to return Victor to the station in the WD, however the poor weather and cold conditions put paid to this.

Victor had a tour of the BD workshop, noting the progress on the two full Riley Imp restorations that we are working on. He took time to talk to all of the team and then had lunch wih Ian and I.

He had a number of interesting stories to tell of life growing up in and around the Riley Factory. As well as tales of his own competition work in a Riley Elf – it’s moderate performance was soon sorted by a trip to Downton Engineering!

All in all a very enjoyable day for myself and the team.