Restoring, Reviving and Rediscovering – 1935 Riley Imp, part 2 (strip down)

Once the customer had decided on a full restoration work started on reducing the car back to its component parts!

Each part was carefully removed, assesed and then bagged and labelled. Putting all of these parts back in the same place would be a challenge without this stage

The intial inspection and discussions with the customer had resulted in the decision to have a body off restoration. This decision would later prove to be the right one, we just didn’t know it at the time!

As this work was being carried out pre the purchase of Blue Diamond the restoration had been given to various local specialists.

The wings would be re-made by a local third generation coachbuilder, the paint by the same company in Bolton who had previously painted my dad’s Imp and the engine by a local engine builder.

Blue Diamond were supplying the parts for the restoration so they were involved from the start.

My brief was to pull all these people together and manage the project. The distance involved in travelling to the BD workshop meant the selection of more local suppliers.

The next blog will cover the chassis and all that came with removing the body!

Restoring, Reviving and Rediscovering – it is what Blue Diamond are all about.