Restoring, Reviving and Rediscovering – 1935 Riley Imp, part 3 (chassis)

With the engine, gearbox and associated mechanical components removed all that remained was to remove the body.

This then left a bare chassis and then the painting could start, or so we thought.

When in chassis for the front end just didn’t look right, after more and more pondering the conclusion was reached that the chassis had to be checked. There were signs of impact damage on the cross members at the rear of the car so this possibly indicated a hard previous life.

After being sent away to a specialist the news came back that the car had been subjected to an impact on the front off side.

There was nothing for it the chassis had to be repaired and the restoration period lengthened.

The next blog will cover the body and re-skining

Restoring, Reviving and Rediscovering – it is what Blue Diamond are all about.