Restoring, Reviving and Rediscovering – 1935 Riley Imp, part 4 (Body)

Once the body had been removed, it was off to a specialist for the ash frame to be checked and the skin replaced where required.

The brief from the customer was crystal clear, as much of the original frame and skin were to be retained as possible.

The wings had to be re-made as the ones that came with the car were both made in the wrong material but also had a slight profile error.

At this stage, the customer was also starting to make choices about the colour of the car. The orignal colour was unknown as the factory records did not exist.

It had been re-sprayed in a dark blue in the 1990s but it didn’t really do the car justice so a change was in order.

The next blog will cover the wings and all the associated work at the coachbuilders.

Restoring, Reviving and Rediscovering – it is what Blue Diamond are all about.