Routine servicing

Blue Diamond Services Limited offers competitively priced routine servicing, by skilled mechanics with years of experience working on pre-war Riley motor cars. Even if the current legislation has removed the requirement for the annual MOT inspection, it is no less important to have your car checked over regularly and serviced accordingly.

This is especially important if you have purchased your car post the removal of the MOT and are therefore solely reliant on vendors’ word as to its state of maintenance. Blue Diamond Services Limited has a number of customers who entrust their annual maintenance to our team, some of these have been with us for the majority of the last forty years. Why not bring your car to us and benefit from our comprehensive service checklist and personal service. You can trust us to deliver a timely, high-quality service so you can plan that spectacular road trip with confidence.

High quality engine repairs

Your engine is the most expensive single unit of the car to overhaul. Consequently, we take special care with the inspection and testing prior to any repair work being carried out. Once the initial inspection has been completed, you can expect a full report on the work required along with an estimate of the anticipated costs. Where additional expense is necessary, we will always discuss your options before taking any action.

We understand that reliability is high up on our customers’ wish list; you can trust our experienced team to conduct high quality engine repairs that will improve your car’s reliability and optimise it’s performance. We achieve this by a combination of years of experience and the use of modern technology to analyse your car’s performance.

Other mechanical components

Our team will also check the axles and chassis for any distortion or damage. Key components such as the steering arms and stub axles are crack tested, half shafts are replaced unless of recent fitment. We offer new replacement brake linings in addition to all the major components associated with the braking system.

Gearboxes can be stripped, repaired and component parts re-made or replaced. A recent addition is the sourcing of replacement bands for the pre-selector gearbox. Whilst we are committed to restoring cars to their original specification, wherever possible and appropriate we also recognise the need to use new components and comply with modern legislation where relevant. For example, we can assist with the fitting of modern concealed indicator units and double dipping headlights.

Specialist Riley workshop

Servicing, restoring and preserving these wonderful vehicles is more than just a job for our workshop team- it’s a vocation. Our mechanics live and breathe pre-war Rileys. Their enthusiasm, skill and expertise ensure their services remain in high demand. Over the years, the company has rebuilt and worked on a full range of Riley sports, saloon and touring cars, ranging from the early 9HP cars through to the 12 & 16 HP Nuffield cars. We’ve also built and rebuilt a number of sports and racing specials, ranging from the 1938/9 Peking and a Paris 16hp car to a number of 6 cylinder, 12/4 and 9HP specials of greatly varying specifications.

Mechanical repair and servicing

In order to gain the maximum enjoyment from your Riley, it should be in good mechanical order with reliable and safe electrics. Complete mechanical restorations are long and expensive operations that require careful planning, constant communication, and an understanding of the customer’s requirements.

Over the years, the team at Blue Diamond Services Limited have completed major restorations on almost every pre-war model of Riley produced. A full restoration is a significant commitment. Blue Diamond Services Limited can help you to put that car back on the road in an even better condition than the original.

Making full use of our technical archives, expertise and extensive stock of Riley parts, we aim to restore your vehicle to as new to its original condition as is practical, or, to a specification chosen by you. On arrival at the workshop, our mechanics will conduct a thorough inspection and provide a written report on the condition of your car. This allows us to understand the makeup of your car and determine the scope of work required.

Major mechanical components are removed from the car where necessary, disassembled, and each individual component part inspected, cleaned, lubricated and repaired prior to reassembly. At all stages customers are kept informed of the progress and likely costs involved with any work required; options are presented and a documented record kept of any work carried out.

When dealing with pre-war Rileys, it is to be expected that some components cannot be repaired or restored, and therefore need replacing. Blue Diamond Riley Services Limited is best placed to source the required components from our extensive stock of pre-war Riley parts.As well as our own extensive stock list of items, we work closely with the Riley Register and other suppliers to ensure we can keep your car on the road. At all stages of the process, we will work closely with you, listen to your preferences, and discuss the available options with you.

When it comes to replacement parts, be those new, second-hand, original Riley parts, or custom made parts; pricing up options and letting you decide, whilst never compromising on vehicle safety. Over the last forty years, we have built up a network of reliable, experienced, and high-quality craftsmen to call upon for the specialist areas that we do not yet cover. These include ash frame body work, trimming, metal plating and polishing as well as painting – the latter can be completed in a cellulose to give a more ‘period’ finish.

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