The Great Race is an annual event that started in 1983, originally designed for pre-World War II cars. The Route changes every year and traverses over 2,000 miles.

The Race had visited 46 of the contiguous U.S states up to this point, and in 2022 completed all 48 by adding the two remaining, Rhode Island and North Dakota. The Race started on June 18th in Warwick, R.I., and finished on June 26th in Fargo, N.D.

There were ten British cars among the 120 teams that were registered. The teams came from all over the U.S. — we were the only team competing from the U.K., driving a 1966 Aston-Martin DB6 Mk1.

1966 Aston-Martin DB6 Mk1

The competition aspect of the driving event revolves around precision driving. It’s not a first-to-the-finish line type of race. It is a time, speed, endurance rally, where each team follows turn-by-turn instructions that are often very cryptic. The instructions come each morning at a designated time and the exact route is never published. And of course, cell phones and GPS is not allowed.

While Blue Diamond didn’t win the $50,000 prize (awarded to the team with the lowest score), it was certainly an event for the books. One we have never experienced before. We certainly managed to have some laughs along the way and can proudly say we did indeed make it across the finishline!

Martin and JLo nearing the end of the rally
Across the finish line!

Please visit The Great Race website for more information.