The Hampshire ‘Noggin’

I recently was asked to go to to the Hampshire Riley Register Noggin to talk about our recent exploits on the Monte Carlo Historique Rally.

Sadly as I had to be in Manchester the following morning and then Kingussie in Scotland the day after the WD had to be trailered to the noggin.

I simply couldn’t cover the 625 miles in the timescales in the WD. Having said that I was confident that the audience would understand this, and more importantly that neither I or the car had anything to prove about covering long distances!

Follwing an introduction from Diane Weeks I gave a brief run through of the history of the WD, our preparation of the car and then the rally itself.

After a brief Question and Answer session most of the pub de-camped to look at the WD outside in the evening light.

I have promised to return to the Abbot’s Mitre in the WD, hopefully the weather will be kind to us all.