The Restoring, Reviving and Rediscovering Advert

Those of you who are familiar with our advertising will know that Blue Diamond have used an image of two Imp’s together for the majority of our advertising campaigns.

The advert is accompanied by our slogan, “Restoring, Reviving and Rediscovering”.

But how did the advert come to fruition?

Soon after the purchase of the Business my business partner and I decided that we wanted to update the advertising of the business. Up to this point Blue Diamond had used very traditional advertisments.

Our aim was to create something clean and classic, an advert that reflected what the business was all about. But, an advert that would appeal to new customers who were coming to Riley’s for the first time.

After several meetings with Richard and Rhys from The Capture Factory the concept was agreed and a location was sourced. All we required was a weather window to actually take the pictures!

As you can see from the above the shot we decided on was one of the two Imp’s together. This fitted with both the new business slogan and also with me personally as my Dad’s was the car on the right of the advert.

The above picture when compared with the final advert shows two things;

Firstly the advantage of using a good camera rather than and iPhone. Secondly the skills of ‘The Capture Factory’ in editing and finishing an image!

Finally I have had a number of Riley owners pass comment about the shock absorbers on the Green Imp being the wrong way round.

This is correct, but the owner prefers it this way round and so it has stayed this way!