The Riley Factory Service Bulletins

The Riley Sales and Service Bulletins

This week’s blog is all about rare gems and finding them unexpectedly!

Steve and I were tidying up and sorting out the new spares area at BD last week and during this process I found this…

sales and service bulletin vol 1sales and service vol 2


Now, some of the older Riley hands will no doubt know and love this book (and volume 2), but for those like me who didn’t know they existed, here is a little insight as to what they contain.

The contents of the books were produced by the factory and were for providing information to the dealer and service network. The information covered both sales/marketing and technical updates on the Riley range.sales and service vol 1 page 1

Some of the pages cover the mundane things associated with vehicle production and customer complaints, whereas other pages contain an insight into the marketing from a time long passed.

Illustrated on the right is the opening page of the opening Sales & Service Bulletin – in modern day terms the first ‘post’ from the factory!

Below is a page dedicated to the factory advising dealers that the ‘Gamecock’ model is to be discontinued, a rare thing for the Riley works to drop a model…sales and service - removal of gamecock


Should you wish to see more of the items within the books (volume 1 &2), each can be purchased from Blue Diamond at a cost of £20 each.


In the meantime, I hope you have enjoyed this brief glimpse of the past.