VSCC Spring Start

The Vintage Sports Car Club (VSCC) Spring Start at Silverstone is always the traditional start to the Vintage racing season. The combination of circuit racing, a good static paddock display, and the opportunity to see old friends whilst watching racing never fails to draw the crowds.

Last year the weather had succesfully been pre-ordered and all of the above was topped off with some fantastic British sunshine – we could but hope for 2016.

I had traveled down from Ramsbottom in the WD earlier in the week and stayed in the crew rooms at Bicester Heritage the night before Spring Start (well worth a stay if you are looking for accommodation in the area, but book early!).

This meant I only had a short sunny hop in the WD to complete on the Saturday morning. I was the 5th car to arrive in the designated parking area, but the Fraser Nash boys had already marked their spot and coned it off!

As the morning developed, the mix of cars in the vintage paddock grew and was an eclectic mix of Vintage and PVT saloons, sports and specials. Rileys were well represented and whilst I didn’t capture every one on film, I tried my best.

As well as the paddock, the garages were full of the cars competing in the day’s racing. It was great to see the ERA garage with the usual suspects of Topliss, Fidler, Crabb and Wilton (and others) with their immaculate examples being fettled and prepared.

Later in the day, I was joined by my Dad’s Imp AKV– this has been ‘on loan’ down at Blue Diamond to assist with the two Imp restorations that are in progress.

The Imp had been trailed up and presented a real photo opportunity. Possibly the first time a car had ‘towed’ itself.

I hope the below pictures make you smile, as it did several people on the journey up.

The Paddock car park also gave me a great photo opportunity earlier in the morning.

Namely the hot end of the 9 market alongside the ‘cooking’ end with our WD.

What a period for Riley customers in the early 1930’s it was, you could have a banana flambe in the Brooklands or a Bread and Butter pudding in the WD!

The below picture shows me ready for the early morning trip to Silverstone. It is important to note that in my head I was driving the Aston on the next picture on the right!

Finally no trip to Silverstone would be complete without seeing and having a picture of the automotive engineering pinacle that is Bugatti.

One can but dream!